Nissan Genuine Parts Cooma, Snowy Mountains

You can rely on Nissan Genuine parts.

Nissan Genuine Parts are designed, tested and manufactured to the same exacting standards as all new Nissan Vehicle parts. No matter which Nissan you drive, you can be sure each part has been specifically designed and approved for your vehicle.

Genuine Coolant.

Nissan Long Life Coolant has an Ethylene Glycol base and is designed for use in all Nissan cooling systems. Engineered to a special formula, Nissan Long Life Coolant ensures your Nissan perform at its best in either hot or cold weather.

Genuine Lubricants.

Whether your Nissan is powered by either a petrol or diesel engine, we have an engine oil specifically developed and tested for your vehicle. With Nissan Genuine Oils you simply get superior performance and protection.

Genuine Accessories.

Choose Genuine Accessories to ensure performance and reliability. Nissan Genuine Accessories are covered by your Nissan Vehicle Warranty when fitted to a Nissan vehicle, in a Nissan authorised workshop at the time of your vehicle purchase.

Genuine Engines

Nissan engines come with exact factory settings to optimise fuel efficiency and maintain low level exhaust emission settings. They are also covered by a Nissan’s 12 month/20,000km National Warranty.

The benefits of purchasing a new Nissan Engine include:

  • Safety, reliability and complete compatibility.
  • Zero surprises. Just genuine confidence and 100% peace of mind.
  • Each component is brand new. You won’t find recycled, second hand or remanufactured item, or any other part with dubious origins.
  • Your engine will stay in optimum performance longer. Nissan engines are built at the Nissan factory by Nissan trained technicians.

Always fit genuine products to protect your investment and maintain your Nissan’s resale value.

Service Replacement Parts

Nissan Genuine Parts are designed, tested and manufactured to the same exacting standards as the parts on all new Nissan Vehicles. No matter what sort of Nissan you drive you can be sure that each Genuine Nissan Part has been specially designed for that model.

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